Painting Artists are now Creating Coronavirus-themed Vibrant and Outdoor Murals to Spread the Message of Hope to the World

In a global survey, it is found that the artists and painters are now painting coronavirus-theme vibrant and outdoor murals to reflect the devastating impact of the virus on the world. In addition to this, they are filling the empty public spaces with colors in order to spread the message of hope.

It is found that various artists in their confined state at their houses are releasing their online music albums and interacting with their target audience through live video calls. Musicians are releasing songs to reflect the impact of coronavirus on the world and encourage the corona warriors to do their jobs during this difficult time.

Moreover, painters have also chosen the path of painting vibrant, outdoor mural paintings to bring colors to public areas that are currently empty. All these paintings show the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world and reflect upon the current state of different social classes.

Different places such as Denver, London, Gaza City, New York City, Dublin, Indonesia, Southampton, Berlin, New Mexico can be seen painted with mural paintings to spread important messages about COVID-19 across the world. Many organizations and authorities are hiring mural painters in order to create art about COVID-19 in empty public spaces.

They have been showing the efforts of doctors to save lives, spreading the information about COVID-19, and the message of hope amidst the tough times the world is going through. A lot of organizations are also consulting mural experts from Vivache Designs in order to take their services in painting murals at different public locations.

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