How the Super-Rich are Isolating

As the world is in lockdown, the global elite rush to their million-pound homes to self-isolate.

A Charles Winn spokesperson states that lockdown might be hard for everyone. But, it’s slightly easier when you’re stuck on a superyacht or in a huge mansion with its very own wine cellar. Some have even been taking to Instagram to share photos of their lockdown, featuring beautiful sunsets aboard huge yachts in the Caribbean.

A private jet company even said they had seen a huge increase in bookings from people wanting to get away from certain countries. Similarly, fine wine investment company, Charles Winn has reported a surge in fine wine investment as buyers look to stock up amid coronavirus.

One super-rich commented: “When the confinement started, I opened some of my best bottles, as if the world was going to end. I might as well drink them first.”Many have also been using the time to update their wine cellars which has become clear through enquiries and sales at Charles Winn.

It’s clear that nothing can stop these investors as it was revealed that the wealth of US billionaires was boosted by 10% to $282 billion between March 18 and April 10. Although, this is thought to be a result of shares in Amazon and Tesla.

While no one is immune from the impact of coronavirus, the way in which people deal with the situation is very different. This has never been more apparent than when looking at private customer sales and fine wine shipping rates which has been affirmed at Charles Winn.

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