Streignth Sportswear: Shane Skaar’s Booming Business

In today’s competitive market, businesses often struggle to get off the ground. Between already established names in different industries and the thousands of small startups looking for their share of success, growing a successful business from scratch can seem almost impossible. However, despite the intimidating task, Shane Skaar has managed to hit the ground running with his business Streignth Sportswear. 

Streignth Sportswear is a fitness & lifestyle apparel brand that strives to motivate others to create the best versions of themselves both physically and mentally. With clean designs and high-quality garments, the company has so far been a huge hit. Shane hopes to keep spreading a positive message to even more customers as his platform grows.

The company has already become a known name in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where the brand is headquartered. The brand is also seeing big success throughout the Midwest, and is seeing more and more orders come in from other regions of the country. Shane has already seen orders come in from all 50 states, and doesn’t want to stop there. Shane hopes that in the future he can reach an international level, and create the biggest platform possible to spread his positive message and quality products.

You can find Shane on Instagram here:

You can find the Streignth Instagram page here:


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