Hotebike’s Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike A6AH26F is now Available in the US

Hotebike’s fat tire electric mountain bike A6AH26F is now made available by the company in the US and it is gaining popularity in different corners of the world. A lot of the US people are now ordering it online due to its high power motor and high power battery.

Across the world, this newly designed high power electric mountain bike is enjoying a huge response. It can carry a load up to 200Kgs and its 26-inch fat tire can easily run over the rugged road, muddy, and beach to help a rider enjoy a faster riding.

This fat tire electric bike can easily reach 40-45kms/h speed and it has a maximum range of 60-80 km per charge. It comes with a lightweight removable lithium battery that provides high output and high capacity. It has got a big screen waterproof multi-function LCD display to offer a digital screen and fancy look control over all functions on this e-bike.

Over the last few years, the demand for electric mountain bikes has increased a lot due to the growing environmental concerns. Since a lot of youngsters are participating in sports and adventure activities, it has led to an increase in the sale of electric mountain bikes.

As per the available data, it is found that the mountain bike market size is expected to witness a growth at a CAGR of 10.3% in the coming years and it would take this market worth to $3,585 Million by 2026. The company, Hotebike, is providing innovative electric mountain bikes to different corners of the world. Currently, this exceptional bike is available in the US for direct delivery through ship transportation.

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