Vitastem’s Advanced Topical Antibiotic Treats a Wide Variety of Skin Conditions

Vitastem, an FDA registered drug is one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics that helps to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. It contains a tetracycline-based topical antibiotic that provides results faster than other similar medicines available in the market. Vitastem’s mechanism of killing bacteria is different from other drugs.

It is produced by ViaDerma, Inc, a specialty pharmaceutical company known for providing medicines related to infectious diseases and wound care. With its innovative research & development, ViaDerma has produced this topical antibiotic to treat various skin conditions.

It helps to provide relief in the case of burns, eczema, infections, psoriasis, wound care, and acne by killing all harmful Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

All the other available antibiotics work by killing bacteria using a chemical “mechanism of kill” only whereas Vitastem makes use of both a chemical and a physical mechanism in order to kill pathogens. Vitastem’s physical mechanism to kill reflects Vitastem’s strength and a key to reduce the appearance of scars.

It contains a specialized combination of ingredients to allow the medicine to transport itself 10x more than the strength and depth of other antibiotics.

Due to this, it provides fast results within 24 hours whereas similar results are obtained with other antibiotics in 5 -7 days. It is because Vitastem doesn’t give bacteria the time to adapt itself and develop resistance.

It does not just treat skin conditions but it also infuses damaged skin cells with vitamin D3 and vitamin C to rejuvenate as well as treat the skin. Moreover, Vitastem doesn’t cause any harm to the liver as is seen during the consumption of other prescription drugs such as oral OTC.

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