How Event Hosting Lead to Justin Townsend aka Big Smokey’s Success

Coming from a modest home, Justin Townsend was content with life until he saw his classmates driving Mercedes cars to school while he was taking the bus. Since then, he’s been searching for an opportunity for big success. His chance came when he was offered a position at the major marketing company, California Finest.

While there, he was able to secure the position of VP of marketing, and given the opportunity to host major events for the company. Justin began traveling the US to attend and host trade shows and festivals. He would go on to host festivals for High Times Magazine, drawing attendances of over 30,000 people. Through these festivals, Justin was able to work directly with large artists in the music industry, such as Wu-Tang, Waka Flocka, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Justin was able to build a massive network across multiple industries during this time and was able to grow a massive following on social media as an entertainer. Using his expansive network and newfound success, Justin was able to start growing a business empire across the cannabis, fashion, music, and food industries.

You can find Justin on Instagram here:

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