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Ike Mann

Talent managers help shape their clients’ careers and guide artists toward new opportunities. They set up performances and public appearances, introduce clients to agents and offer advice on contract negotiations. Some managers perform multiple duties by acting as managers, agents and publicists. OneWorldHerald had an exclusive interview with Talent Manager, Ike Mann a man definitely with a masterplan.

What inspired you to get into music?
I grew up on music. Growing up, I always used to listen to my cassette tapes both in the house and through my Walkman (shows my age), but music was and still is a passion of mine. Can you imagine a world without music?….neither can I.

I take interest in not only the established artists, but also the new artists that are coming through. One day it could be Young Thug that I’m listening to, the day after that it could be Sam Smith, then the day after that it could be Isla Wolfe. That is the beauty of music…you can tailor what you listen to according to your daily mood.

How would you describe your position?
As a Talent Manager this position not only requires patience and management skills, but also the element of having an ear for talent. In 2015 I began to attend a number of unsigned talent shows throughout the UK. In addition to this I frequently search the internet through a number of online platforms, such as YouTube and SoundCloud looking for raw talent that I could work with.

What specifically are you looking for when you listen to an upcoming artist?
Individuality! There has to be something that makes you different from the other artists within your genre. Whether it’s the way you sound, your lyrical content, even the way you dress. Being original will definitely separate you from the rest, as people don’t want all the artists within their preferred genre to sound the same.

Where would you like to see your career in 5 years time?
Life for me is about progression and striving to be in a better position day by day. I definitely want to progress in regards to my craft, further my career and continue to identify and work with new talent. Not only do I want to achieve success, but I am regularly taking steps to achieve this. ‘Thinking’ is the simple part. Taking steps and trying to make it happen is the challenge.

Where can music fans find you?
IkeMann can be found on @ikemann123

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