Do’s and Don’ts before installing CCTV Cameras at Home

In modern homes, security cameras are now becoming a necessity. Regardless of locality, a CCTV camera can be seen outside almost every building or independent house. Each day, these gadgets are also getting smarter with advance features integrating in them. Internet has changed the game completely with Internet of Things (IoT). Security cameras are giving fool proof features like motion detectors, zoom, window sensors, smart locks, to name a few.

Before we go for these cameras, we must keep a few things in mind. One of the most important things to know before we go ahead with getting one such devices installed is the laws around it. In UK, legal system has something called as DPA 18. DPA 18 is the Data Protection Act of 2018 which states that the camera that you are using even for the home security for renters, must only capture images from your premises. It mustn’t capture images or videos from shared spaces, your neighbor’s space or a public space. If found guilty, one can be liable to strict action. Reading about such legalities before going ahead with the installation is advisable.

It is also seen that some areas are less prone to crime than others. Before moving in to a new place one can also check whether their place comes in burglary safe areas or not. There is a database on where you can check how Burglary safe your premises are. For this you just have to put your postal code and details will appear. Experts believe that before moving into a new locality, one must check for its safety markers. This data is highly flexible and changes every 10 miles.

Another factor one must keep in mind is to avoid giving away too much of data to Google and the cloud. CCTV footage is very convenient way on accessing personal data by hackers. Before we give away sensitive footage to these fraudsters we must ensure that while installing these devices where are we saving the data and how much of it are we giving away.

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