While Traditional Business Slows Down, Innovators Thomas Herd and T1 Advertising Go Pedal To The Metal

T1 Advertising CEO Thomas Herd

At the same time most businesses have remained paralyzed by the COVID-19 shutdown, the agile and disruptive marketing agency T1 Advertising has utilized the time to springboard itself to mainstream prominence.

In the media at least, its CEO Thomas Herd– a well known Forbes Magazine digital marketing expert- has been positioned as a futurist who can help brands hedge their current losses by taking sizable new positions in the digital marketplace,

Herd points to breaking news that US e commerce sales are up 25%, and that Instagram usage is up by 75%.

Just like we have done as an agency, the discerning brand can flip this COVID adversity into an equivalent opportunity to put some serious distance between themselves and the competition and capture the highest marketshare as a result.”

Supporting brands in this endeavor are T1 COO Alesh Ancira, SVP Brent Ferguson, and CCO Dimetri Hogan.

Ancira, Ferguson, and Hogan comprise the central leadership for the sprawling international agency, whose offices include Monaco, Miami, New York and LA.

Ferguson has established himself as a marquee technical growth expert who can routinely scale brands via Facebook Ads, Linked In, and organic Instagram consumer engagement campaigns.

T1 SVP Brent Ferguson

Meanwhile, Alesh Ancira is the business’ most versatile and efficient campaigns manager, who tackles everything from celebrity bookings for clients to ad campaign productions and graphic design.

T1 COO Alesh Ancira With Client Pitbull

Finally- Hogan, the C-suite’s latest addition, has made a massive early difference for brands, opening T1’s new Tik-Tok division and helping brands build powerful new sales funnels as a result.

As Hogan relays, “ If harnessed appropriately, there is no reason why Tik Tok can’t become just as much of a contributor as Instagram and Facebook for brands, especially if they seek Gen Z’s and millennials.”

There are not many new revenue streams or even open lanes of business for that matter open to brands at the moment. But as Hogan’s deft insights show, he and the rest of the T1 team are on top of mastering them and making them available to brands eager to prosper through these difficult times.

T1 Advertising CCO Dimetri Hogan

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