UC Browser Turbo Update for Android has Customizable homepage along with other cool features

Anyone who loves browsing on the UC browser will be happy to know that the new and updated version of the app is available. And it has had 10M+ Downloads. The app is available in 148 countries, and it is available in 23 languages, including English. UC Browser Turbo is the browser of 2020 because it has so many amazing features.

It has a Customizable homepage feature through which a user can create his/her homepage. That means one can remove the unnecessary recommended pages on the homepage of the browser. They can add any pages from their bookmark links. Moreover, users can also add their photos to the website. The design of the browser is minimalistic, but one can customize it if needed. And these features have further increased the UC Browser download trend.

Other than the cool customizable homepage, UC Browser Turbo has many features that may make it the best browser for android. It has Playing the video in the background feature. That means a user can easily watch videos, and browse at the same time from the same browser. It was the most awaited feature, and now it is available.

Earlier screenshots couldn’t be taken in the incognito mode; with the new UC Browser Turbo, one can take a screenshot in the incognito mode as well. There is also enhanced download performance in the browser. That means the browser can do fast downloads and saves a lot of data. Moreover, it also fixes issues like double-file names when downloading from Google Drive along with other problems.

UC Browser Turbo is available through online download, and people from Indonesia and India can only enjoy the new  UC News website on the Homepage.

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