Home Experts Share Some Simple Tricks to make your Room feel more Luxurious

Some people strive for rustic, some for comfy and some for luxury rooms. But, it seems like the last one usually takes the lead. That is why today we are talking about how one can transform his or her own room in order to make it feel more luxurious. And, no, you will not have to spend tons of money nor break your budget while doing so. You just have to be creative and push yourself to think outside of the box. Moreover, we are also here to help you out. Thus, here are some simple tips and tricks according to the home experts from all over the world, that will help you transform any room in your home and make it feel more luxurious. Keep on reading.

Clean and Declutter

Let us be honest, a room cannot be luxurious if it is dirty and cluttered. It does not work like that. So, the first step towards renovating is to declutter and then clean everything. Thus, choose the furniture pieces you want to keep, that is the pieces that will fit into your new luxurious room, and get rid of everything else. You can consider selling, donating or throwing away the items you do not need. Or, if you are still not sure what will you do with them, you can rent a storage unit and call to help you relocate all the items there. Once your room is clutter-free, clean everything thoroughly. 

Stick to One Style

Another thing to remember is that luxury always has a theme. So, pick a style, that is, pick a theme, and stick to it. If you want your room to feel luxurious, focus on neutral tones and restful pieces. That way, everything will look elegant, and you will not even have to try hard. However, if you think that that will be too boring and you need some va-va-voom, it is also okay to add some pieces that pop. For instance, use a couple of pieces that are gold and glamourous while the rest of the rooms stays neutral.

Just make sure everything goes well together. When it comes to luxurious, less is more! Trust us, adding something small that pops will make everything look better and well-connected, but, adding too much of it will make everything look like a mess.

Repaint/Add Wallpaper

Do you know what is the one thing that should never be in luxurious rooms? We do – plain, white, and boring walls. If you have this kind of walls, be sure that they give away a hospital feel, not a luxurious one. So, you know what to do – repaint. Choose a color that you like and find relaxing and see whether it fits with the rest of your theme. If it does, go for it. Moreover, if you want to be extra fancy, pick a wallpaper and add it to one of your walls, or even on your ceiling. that is a great trick that adds a little bit of luxury to any room.

Lighting is Important

Lighting can make or break the feel of your room. If you do not know how to use it properly, it can completely ruin everything you have done so far. For instance, if you have high ceilings and big windows, you must find a way to use that natural light. If you have small windows or no windows at all, you must figure out how to incorporate artificial light in order for it to emphasize the most important parts of your room. If you have a lot of artificial lighting, your room will have a school cafeteria feel, without a doubt. Do a lot of researching on this subject, and whatever you do, use softer lights, they will completely change the feel of an entire room.

Go Green

Plants fit all rooms and styles, and luckily, bringing nature into your interior has never been easier. But, again, if you choose the wrong kind of plant (and its pot) you can completely ruin the feel you were trying to create. Thus, when it comes to luxury rooms, once again, less is more. Pick one plant you like and place it somewhere where it can really pop. Make an effort to find a pot that will match the rest of your room too. It is also a good idea to use bigger, tree-like plants if your room is huge. Put in some corner, close to the window. However, if your room is smaller, better put a vase with fresh flowers in the center of your table.

Display Some Art

Probably one thing that all luxurious rooms have in common is the usage of art. It can be a painting, a photo, a sculpture, figurine, etc. However, those expensive art pieces are not what makes your room feel luxurious. It is how and where you display them. Moreover, it is important not to go overboard, but to be subtle. Make that piece of art a part of your room, not the centerpiece. But, if you really want those pieces to pop, consider using soft light, never strong lights.

Secret Ingredient – Pillows

There really is something about those pillows that completely transform any room. But, they do not necessarily have to transform it into a more luxurious room. You have to pick the right kind of pillows and place them strategically. Just imagine hotels. All of them have many pillows on beds and sofas, right? And, why is that? Well, pillows are not functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

So, game up! Throw away those old pillows you have had since college, and invest in some new ones (a lot of new ones). Again, make sure you pick the right color. If your room is pretty bland, choose a pillow or two in bold colors. But, if you already have some pieces that pop in your room, choose one-colored pillows that match the rest of your room.

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