Increasing Coronavirus Deaths is Making People Ask Experts their Doubts About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus has left the people across the world in a complete shock and it is increasing the fear in the minds of every person. Until now, almost every country has got affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and it has killed over 33,000 people to date. And the number of infected people is increasing exponentially with every passing day and has crossed 7,00,000 to date. And people from various corners of the world have been asking their queries to experts to clear their doubts about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to spread the light on this subject, Common “Engineering” sense came forward and gave clarity to people about the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the queries answered by it are mentioned below:

Query – Should I wear non n95 masks.

Answer –  Maybe. Who knows? I mean what the WHO says is no. Do you trust it? I trust that they are balancing the needs of the medical systems of the world with the needs of the non-infected in what they think is a good way. Bullshit. Every man for himself in this one. See non n95 will not be used in the medical system, some industrial stuff is better and more expensive but needs training. For example, full hazmat suits used in the most dangerous biohazards can kill you if you do not know how to use them.

Query – Should I wear goggles?

Answer – Why? Oh to protect your eyes. Well the WHO said nothing about this, and I have not heard someone do that. Well while people where stocking n95 to the point where an 18LE mask now costs between 120 and 240LE because doctors wear them, those that know how infectious disease doctors and quarantine people usually wear goggles. Why because they deal with unknows, live Covid 19. Now for that reason, you do not need goggles.

Query – Should I send you Caviar really?

Answer – No. Don’t be daft. Do not share stuff between households unless totally necessary. And if you have to ( share that does not bring me caviar ) you need to tell those you are sending the stuff to, to treat you like you treat the delivery people and the stuff too. No special treatment even if the delivery person is your son, he is still a delivery person, clean, disinfect and tip lol.

Query – Why should I care about non-corona spreading?

Answer – Oh my, did your parents not teach you manners. You do not infect people that have a high probability of getting corona with any other sickness not even yourself, we learnt that in kindergarten. Oh crap, I told you something that I should not have in this timeline. Butterfly effect I disappear.

A lot more queries are answered by Ehab Heikal under Creative Commons license on his blog and one can visit the blog here to read it in more detail.

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