Bitcoin, in Spite of Competition, to Soar High in 2020

Bitcoin is rearing to go global. The experts have been talking well about the cryptocurrency leading the millennials to invest in it more and more. They are looking away from traditional methods and rooting for the new offspring of technology in the cryptocurrency sports betting market.

There were significant fluctuations in the past decade but now Bitcoin is a much stable option to invest and the future looks more promising, despite the momentary fluctuation due to Coronavirus outbreak. In a recent Bitcoin prediction for 2020 that surfaced online there has been discussion about how the Bitcoin saw rise and fall during the different months in 2019. It touched the highest ever value in July – $13,000.

The 2019 performance means the surge in 2020 of Bitcoin sales. It is also the year that will see Bitcoin halving, thus there is anticipation filled atmosphere for the Bitcoin analysts worldwide. Bitcoin is also looking forward to its new competition in the market, soon to be launched, Facebook’s Libra.

Libra will be a decentralized digital asset operationally tied with stable currencies like Dollar, Euro, Yen, and bonds at the start. This feature isn’t available in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The function independent of fiat and other physical assets is supposed to contribute to establishing trust in cryptocurrency.

Despite competition, it is being predicted that Bitcoin will continue winning and enjoying the ‘safe haven’ status in the gambling industry. There is promise of a reliable framework, customer service in multiple languages, best odds, successful and long working conditions and other features so the crypto bookmakers have said that it is an intricately designed platform for bettors thus Crypto Sports Betting market is up and like Bitcoin, will soar high.

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