Event Tech Can Increase Customer Engagement by 78%

As the industry of events and event marketing continues to evolve, more components of the planning and delivery of an event are relying on technology. While traditionalist event marketers may argue that consumers are still looking for human interaction at events, research shows that event tech can actually increase customers engagement by 78%.

Technology Can Boost Event Engagement

Consumers are becoming more demanding with time. Those attending events and functions are looking for an experience, rather than a tangible item to take home with them. Event technology can help to provide interactive experiences tailored to the personal requirements of each attendee. Whether it be behind the scenes or integrated into the experience of the event, event technology is a trend that is will not be fizzling out anytime soon.

Some event technologies will work behind the scenes to help event organisers, program directors, event marketers and event staff in Perth. Event tech can be used to automate processes or collect attendee data and valuable information. This type of event technology is crucial to maximising the efficiency of event planning and marketing, while also collecting valuable data on attendees to ensure their experience at the event is memorable.

Other tools of event tech are used to interact with attendees on the day of the event and engage consumers by blowing them away with innovative design.

Integrating Event Technology Tools for 2020

Blockchain Ticketing System

Blockchain systems provide a safe system for the web and its users. While the concept of blockchain is difficult to grasp, the system it provides for ticket sales is relatively straight forward. Blockchain ticketing is a process of optimising the sale of tickets to ensure the purchases are safe, fair, and reliable.

It’s not uncommon for online event tickets in high demand to be quickly bought out from bots only to be sold for more money elsewhere. Blockchain ticketing allows the event organisers to control who gets access to re-sell tickets, to ensure fair sales, and to keep a website up and running when overloaded with users.

Scalping and secondary market are huge issues for music or sporting events. Blockchain ticketing systems provide a solution for event organisers, while also creating a more efficient system to rely on. Event tech ticket systems can also help to give event organisers a strict list of who is in attendance of an event, who has bought a secondary ticket and increase the security and privacy of an event.

Event Apps

In 2020, creating an app for an event is nothing new. However, event apps are becoming less of a bonus addition and more of an expectation from consumers. Whether it be a corporate, music, sporting or private event, having an app for attendees to refer to is becoming a popular way to utilise event tech.

Event planners are putting more emphasis on building and creating event apps that provide exceptional customer experience. Marketers can use tools like Guidebook to build an app, however, the key this year is to make the app well organised and aligned with the brand. Event apps in 2020 should provide attendees with a strict schedule, a map for way-finding, a menu for different information pages, and real-time notifications to provide updates on scheduling and location to attendees.

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