Experts Recommend to do a CIC Medical Examination before Filing for Immigration to Canada

While other countries might not take their health security seriously, Canada isn’t one of them. Canada’s immigration policy ensures that any immigrant that enters the borders is physically fit. The immigrant has to take CIC medical exams that test the physical ability of the applicant.

Sometimes an applicant might lie to the Visa authorities. An infected patient might slide in through the security and create problems for someone inside the country. That’s why Canada is pretty serious about immigrants. The CIC medical exam for immigration includes many tiers of tests. Here are a few of them.

The first tier is a simple physical examination. It consists of the examination of the eye, nose, ears, heart, lungs, and other check-ups of organs. The second tier consists of the Chest X rays that also let the examiner know about the internal condition of the applicant.

STDs have a higher risk of transmission. It is enough to say, they can spread across nations and continents, just like Aids did. That’s why the CIC medical examination includes Blood tests for HIV and Syphilis. And the final tier deals with urine tests.

Once these tests are out of the way, it all depends on the result. If everything is normal and there is no problem with the health, or the applicant infecting someone else, they get the approval.

Anyone looking for permanent citizenship or immigrant status must go through CIC medical examination. It is a better way to get the tests done earlier and include the results while filing the form.

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