A lot of Young Women are Visiting Trichologists to Seek Solutions for Female Pattern Hair Loss

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A global survey has highlighted that a lot of young women are visiting trichologists in order to seek solutions for female pattern hair loss. Young women across the world are dealing with hair loss and thinning problems due to family history of hair loss. Although there are other factors such as rising pollution levels and stress levels that are leading to increased hair loss problems in women, the most common hair loss issue is related to genetics.

And many trichologists have been recommending the use of minoxidil drug as an option for treating the hair loss and thinning problems in women. Many studies have confirmed the positive effect of minoxidil in stimulating hair growth when one applies it on the scalp. Even FDA has recommended the use of minoxidil to treat hair loss in women and due to this, a 5% solution of minoxidil is made available for women to help them treat hair loss problems.

In the survey, it has been found that a lot of trichologists have been recommending Hair Restoration Laboratories’ Ultra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment to women in order to solve the problem of hair loss. This product contains 5% minoxidil and other important ingredients that simply help to promote hair growth and reverse hair loss by blocking the harmful effects of DHT, a hormone responsible for female pattern hair loss.

In the survey, it has been found that young women are facing a lot of societal pressure and lack of self-confidence. And this has been raising the stress level in their lives which is eventually affecting their daily performance to a great extent.

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