America Expects Record Breaking Online Sports Betting During the Upcoming Super Bowl Game

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A US-based survey has highlighted that the upcoming Super Bowl game event in America is expected to break all the previous records in online betting. With the legalization of sports betting in the US and relaxation in sports betting laws in the country, the participation of people in online sports betting has increased significantly.

Following the relaxation in sports betting laws, more than 12 states in the US have agreed to allow sports betting during the Super Bowl game event this year. The high craze of the Super Bowl game in the US is expected to contribute to an increase in the revenue of online sports betting. Since the announcement of some states regarding allowing online sports betting during the next Super Bowl event, people have expressed their happiness and excitement for this decision.

Super Bowl – Biggest Entertainment Event in the United States

Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) that is played between mid-January and early February and it enjoys immense popularity in the US. Advertisers make use of this popular event in order to promote their services and products by broadcasting their commercials during the game. A high number of people watch this game on their televisions and in the year 2019, this number stood at about 100 million. Many popular musicians arrive during this event in order to perform at the stage at halftime to entertain the audience.

Record-Breaking Revenue Expected this Year

According to NJGamblingFun, this year all mobile and online sports betting records may be shattered. The highly popular sports event, Super Bowl LIV is about to cross the mark of $400 million in all the 13 states where online sports betting is legal. As the legal sports betting is growing in different states of the country, there will no surprise if we get a record-breaking revenue in all the 13 states this year.

Last year, Nevada and New Jersey, the two states with legal sports betting saw a huge amount of revenue and they were about to establish a new record. The 13 states with legal sports betting are most likely to witness a record investment in Superbowl event about to take place this year. The names of 13 states with legal online sports betting are New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Rhoda Island, Oregon, West Virginia, Delaware, New Mexico, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, and New York.

Mobile and Online Sportsbook will Contribute to Increase Revenue

Only a total of seven states legalized online sports betting last year and a total population stood at 30 million. However, this year, the addition of more states has taken the total people to $70 million and it is going to increase the revenue of states to a great extent. Apart from the 13 states, another additional eight states have been participating in the legal online betting this year.

The important tools that are going to increase the sports betting revenue are mobile and online sportsbooks. Due to the digital presence of such platforms, it will simply become possible to attract a high number of people to different online sports betting sites. With the influence of online betting, it has become easier for people to place bets from any place on their mobile phones. This will simply increase the number of participation of people prop and in-game betting.

More People to Participate in Betting in 2020

As per the results of the survey, it has become evident that over 80 percent of people will participate in online betting in Super Bowl LIV. In addition to the number of betters, there will be a huge increase in the population watching Super Bowl game online on their television. It is clear that technology is going to play an important role in increasing the revenue of online sports betting in America this year. With the rising popularity of online sports betting, it has become common to choose it as the source of entertainment for the different age groups of people.

The introduction of new technologies and the increasing digitization have simply boosted the demand for online sports betting. And of course, the relaxation of sports gaming law in the US has also been an important factor for increasing the demand for online sports games. Moreover, the legalization of online sports betting has been adding to the revenue of sports and it is contributing to increasing the development works in different departments in the US.

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