Mac Repair Technicians Recommend Blowing on the the MacBook Pro Keyboard to fix the Stickiness

The keys of Macbook Pro that are sticking can be easily cleaned by simple turning the notebook upside down, blowing as hard as possible on the key that needs the fix, and repeatedly smashing the key as quickly as possible. The keyboard returns to its complete functionality by just aggressively blowing on it (with mouth) after turning it down. The keys need to pushed lot of times until they get less sticky. It is a technique that can only be done at home using lungs.

The good part is that blowing super hard on the laptop does not require it to be dismantled or the keyboard to be taken apart from the screen. Thus there is no risk of breaking.

According to technicians of a popular mac repair store, this little trick at home works right for the sticky situation. It is not an ideal way to fix computer things but it works wonders. Also there aren’t many options as the MacBook Pro is notoriously difficult to repair, and Apple has repeatedly fought legislation that would enshrine the right to repair. A complete generation has been bought up with this understanding that the best way to fix a broken electronic is to blow on it.

Scientists have their comments reserved for this case where they have questioned whether blowing on the video game consoles and cartridges actually does anything though everyone’s personal experience clearly states that to get the NES to switch from a blinking light to the red curtain on Super Mario Bros. 3’s intro was the work of the lungs and that is the best solution known to mankind. To repair the the keyboard just blow on it !

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