Brands Should Now Focus on Emerging Affiliation Markets all over the World

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An Accenture and AliResearch report says that around 900 million consumers will prefer shopping internationally in 2020. This will lead to imports of $994 million worth of products and services. When compared to previous years, these statistics are three times more as compared to the imports in 2015.

Consumers world over now have access to internet and mobiles which are major driving forces behind these changes. People now have access to more brands spread around the world and the power to order the products from sources like this website,, on their finger tips.

Considering these changes, CJ Affiliate has said that in 2020, the brands will have affiliate programs beyond their usual markets like the UK and US. They will have complimenting programs in the emerging markets too like Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines who are three of the top five biggest risers for e-commerce spend in 2019. And then there are markets of India and China which fill the other 2 seats in Top 5 market risers and newbies.

Jules Bazley, Regional Vice President, Europe at affiliate marketing network CJ Affiliate mentions that most of the retailers are aware of the substantial opportunities to be had in mature markets but a little deep digging will help them reach so many hidden gems which are now capable of generating billions in online revenue. There are many brands that are missing out on this by mere negligence or just overlooking it due to closed mindsets. When in fact, expanding affiliate programs in these markets should be the next logical step for marketers.

Bazley agreed that of course there will be challenges in the start, logistics being one of the biggest barriers, but the problem isn’t as big as it was some years ago. Increased urbanization within communities in Asia and Africa has opened up more customers ready to receive home deliveries and the brands should not risk losing out this opportunity.

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