US Visa Rejection Rates Increasing as People Don’t Follow Visa Photo Guidelines

The photo on the passport and visa papers is essential as without it, the complete document is incomplete and thus unacceptable. To gain an entry visa to the United States, the US Visa Photo Requirements has to be satisfied. Some nations demand digital images for both the visa and the passport. People applying for US visa are getting rejected increasingly as they are not following the rules dictated by the country.

The Us requires the applicant to submit a colored picture and the size specification is 2 x 2 inches or 51mm x 51mm. It is necessary to note that the picture is the latest, specifically a picture taken within last 6 months will be valid as there will be minimum changes in the person’s face. Some people have 5-10 years old picture on their passports and visa. It needs to be remembered that the picture is required for identification and not for display/ modelling purpose. Learn more about some basic rules while taking a picture.

Person should submit the most recent picture with neutral expressions on their face. It will be right to get the picture taken just before the application as then there are chances of minimum mistake. If children above 5 years can’t keep the facial expressions neutral, make sure they look straight at the camera.

Babies can be given a supporting hand to keep their head straight but the hand should not appear in the picture. The baby is not required to keep their eyes open.

The photograph should be simple with a non fancy attire and plain white background. There is no need to accessorize it as mobile phones, gadgets, sunglasses and headphones are not allowed in the photo. If the applicant wears glasses for medical reasons, it is best to opt for contact lenses or click a picture without specs.

The eyes shouldn’t be covered and there should not be any shadow. The head should not be covered with a hat unless for religious purpose.

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