A 24-year-old Registered Nurse, Harris Nguyen Stresses on the Importance of Investing in Cryptocurrency

Harris Nguyen, a 24-year-old registered nurse has laid emphasis on investing the money on different cryptocurrency platforms to earn a big profit. In the year 2019, he collected the amount of over $100K by utilizing various income sources. It has been found that out of the total money he collected in 2019, the young entrepreneur has earned a substantial amount of money by investing in cryptocurrency.

From his active income sources, Harris Nguyen collected over $90,000 and he earned the rest of the money through portfolios and passive income sources. The young entrepreneur has mentioned that he used currency mining apps such as Electroneum and Honeyminer. In addition to this, he said that he utilized the welcome bonuses offered to him on different cryptocurrency platforms.

In his youtube video, he has highlighted that he opened a Chase bonus account and watched videos on Coinbase learning to earn cryptocurrency. Citing cryptocurrency and blockchain as the future, Harris Nguyen mentioned that he also earned some cash from Block Fi cryptocurrency interest account that eventually added up to his total earning.

Harris has detailed his journey in an explicit manner and more people are subscribing to his youtube channel to learn from him. Apart from this, he has shared the details about various means to invest in cryptocurrency in his youtube video. Nguyen also shared some useful tips that every youngster should possess to become a successful entrepreneur.

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