A Doctor Gained 22 Pounds to Inspire People to Lose Weight

A Grand Rapids-based doctor has taken an initiative to inspire people to lose weight in the new year. Jeff Cremonte is the local doctor in the city who has gained weight purposely to teach and inspire people about weight loss. He is executing his plans through a Facebook group called Drop with Doc.

People who live in Grand Rapids can join this group to take part in an online community. Cremonte and other key people will start a weight loss journey from January 1st. There is a discussion about this program on a popular weight loss blog.

Cremonte actually has no weight-related problems. He just wants to teach people how to lose weight when someone gained it due to poor lifestyle.

He said that most of the people follow the diet and exercise lecture regarding weight loss from their doctor who is already a fit person. He has gained weight to make an actual connection between patients and health care providers. Cremonte was overweight during his childhood and as he grew up, he followed his own weight loss journey.

Further, he went to college where he studied health and medicine. Cremonte has a bachelor’s of Clinical Exercise Sciences from Grand Valley State University. He has also pursued a doctorate degree in physical therapy from Duke University.

Cremonte has followed an irregular diet plan and exercise habits for three months to gain an extra 22 pounds. He is eating more calorie based foods and working out only two to three times a week.

He is only 26 years old and has a height of 5 feet 10 Inches. He currently has 187 pounds on him.

Cremonte will start the first phase of the weight loss program from 1st January. People can follow the program after joining the Facebook page.

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