The Waist Bag that Will Bring Back the Trend

The ULTIMEIK waist bag is a versatile and sophisticated version of the fanny pack that was so popular for a time, and so unpopular for a time.

There’s little to argue about with ULTIMEIK’s version, however, and we’d go so far as to predict that if fanny packs became this, the trend will come back in no time.

Perhaps one of the reasons the waist bag went so out of vogue was because of the people who were associated with it, which is an unfortunate commentary on the power of a few negative perspectives.

When you actually think about it, though, waist bags are very convenient. They’re also safe and secure, which is perhaps why tourists use them most often. After all, a bag is a tool, and every construction worker worth his salt has a tool belt. What we most need should be carried at the belt.

If you really care about the image, though, ULTIMEIK’s waist bag comes with an option to wear as a sling bag or even just a shoulder bag.

Let’s take a closer look and see the full features of ULTIMEIK’s bag.

All the Space and None of the Bulk

From the outside, ULTIMEIK’s waist bag looks pretty sleek. You can’t even attribute that to color – it does come in black and grey, but also bright purple and blue. These bright colors still look quite slim.

But don’t let that fool you. There is a surprising amount of space inside this bag.  You can cinch up the bottom buckles if you have less to carry, but if you open them all the way, you’ll be surprised on what you can fit inside. I’ve been known to carry a water bottle and a book besides the normal electronics and wallet. Somehow there’s always more space.

There are a number of pockets to choose from if you like to keep things separate, and a hidden pocket at the back for more sensitive items. The inner pocket also has a secret zipped pocket, which is a great place for passports if you’re traveling.

Carry It How You Want

The most obvious way to carry a waist bag is on the waist. But that’s not the only way you can carry this ULTIMEIK version.

The waist strap is fairly wide for durability, and it does fit comfortably around the hips. The strap is adjustable, however, and can expand quite a bit. One of my favorite ways to wear it is around one shoulder like a sling bag. It fits snugly against the back, which is both comfortable, and I think quite fashionable. I’ve seen people wear it just over one shoulder as well. 

The extra belt length gives options, and it’s up to you!

Durable and Long Lasting Materials

The bag mostly uses 1000 Denier Cordura Plus nylon, an industrial grade strength nylon which is definitely stronger than you or anything you can put inside. The front pocket is covered with a strong, smooth nylon that’s also waterproof, which just helps protect the longevity of the bag.

It’s a well-known fact that ULTIMEIK makes durable bags. The waist bag is no exception, and the top-quality materials also include custom zippers and double stitching. The strap and buckle are high quality as well. Expect to use this bag for years to come!

Waist bags – at least the ULTIMEIK version – are IN, and it’s time to get on board! Order yours today at  !

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