A Couple Renovated a 120 Year old House in Maryland

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A Maryland based couple renovated a 120 years old house into an All Saints Church. They were looking for a restoration project in December 2016 and finally found a “for sale” sign at the old church road. They bought the house for $320,000 after six months. Now after renovating the house, the couple is living with their three children and the house is now called All Saints Church. The structure was transferred from a sacred place to a secular place in the 1970s.

The couple’s names are, Anastasiia and Gunther. Before the couple acquired the house, there were three separate owners of it. Those owners had added lofts, rooms, bathrooms and skylights in the house. When Anastasiia and Gunther entered the house, it was livable but was empty for so many years and needed some renovation.

They started the renovation project there then. Initially, they removed the damaged things from the house such as dangerous lead paint from the walls and doors. Further, they spread the breakfast space in the kitchen and redesigned the bedrooms, changed the structure of the kitchen and drew the carpet using services of cheap carpet installation Philadelphia.

The couple was in search of the renovation project since a long time. When they walked into the old structure of their house, they immediately called the real estate agent.

Anastasiia is a teacher while Gunther is a biostatistician. Both are very fond of old houses and keep following the restoration projects on social media. People in large numbers on Instagram are appreciating their efforts for completing the renovation project successfully.

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