Brisbane Table Tennis Club Brought an all Level Table Tennis Competition to Search the Talent

Brett_Hondow / Pixabay

Brisbane Table Tennis Club has brought an opportunity for emerging tennis players to show their hands in an all level table tennis competition. The players can register for the competition to show their table tennis game skills. Brisbane Table Tennis Club will test the skills of the players on the merit of their backhand.

The table tennis experts are telling it to be a great platform for the younger players to win an all level competition and stand on the winners’ podium.

The all-level table tennis competition, named Brisbane Open, will be hosted by Brisbane Table Tennis Club. Brisbane Open belongs to the premiers open table tennis event of Queensland.

This event always looks for new talent by conducting specific tournaments in Australia. This year, there are many categories for the players to show their table tennis racket moves. The competition’s all categories include Men’s Open Singles, Women Open Singles, Advanced, Junior, Veterans, and Beginner.

Brisbane Table Tennis club is offering prize money in all categories. It means, there is a good opportunity to earn money for professionals as well as beginners. The winning players can utilize this money for further game enhancement and training purposes.

A large number of tennis players around the country have already registered on the official website of the Brisbane Table Tennis Club within the few days of announcement. The club is expecting a large crowd of players in all level table tennis competition.

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