The Government of India Gives Recognition to Manual Typing

The government of India has given recognition to states offering courses in manual typing. It will benefit more than 3,500 institutes in Maharashtra that are teaching typewriting. But the state has asked the institutes to teach computer typing along with manual typing because it is a much needed requirement as of today.

The government had issued a resolution on August 22 stating that institutes can continue teaching manual typing and can take an exam for the same as recognized institutes.

Earlier in 2013, the government had announced a detailed curriculum for computer typing from recognized institutes. It had also aimed to phase out manual typing by 2015 but the deadline was extended after some institutes moved to Bombay high court to cancel the phase-out.

Institutes have already started teaching the curriculum to the students. They teach on the typewriter for some months and then move to computer typing. The computer typing has a great career scope but students find it difficult to type Marathi on the keyboard because there is no Marathi typing keyboard.

Many government and semi-government jobs are asking the applicants for typing on computer keyboards. For Marathi typing, competitive exams are asking applicants to meet certain typing speed and it is better if the applicants know both.

Therefore hybrid curriculum would help such students to learn more about typing.

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