Three Reasons to Use More Than One Online Betting Sites

A lot of people are using only one bookmaker for their sports betting action. While this is convenient, it’s far from optimal.

Joining several of the best online betting sites brings some advantages that are totally worth the effort of supporting multiple accounts.

Shopping for the Best Lines and Odds

While the leading bookmakers on the internet have similar betting odds and lines, they are not identical. If you have access to several different sportsbooks, you can consistently get higher prices and better lines.

The difference is rarely huge but even a small percentage increase in your win rate and profits would improve your long-term results. What might look like a couple of dollars more after a single bet adds up after a few hundred wagers.

It would be foolish not to take full advantage of such a boost.

Access to More Bonuses and Promotions

Another factor that directly affects your Return of Investment (ROI) are the bonuses and promotions at your disposal. The welcome offers at each betting site alone are usually worth a lot of money. If you add the ongoing deals for existing players, the amount of extra cash you could get grows.

Naturally, there’s a much higher chance to regularly discover valuable promotions if you are using the services of multiple betting sites. They are all trying to please their customers and keep them in their ranks through various offers, especially when it comes to the most popular sports and leagues.

Some people even engage in the so-called “bonus hunting”. They open a new account, drain the welcome deal of the sportsbook and then move on to the next one. While this strategy is too extreme, the logic behind it is solid.

Lower Chance of Getting Limited

Unfortunately, even the best bookmakers out there don’t like consistent winners and often take precautions against them. If you build a successful strategy and start beating them on a regular basis, there’s a good chance your account will get limited to smaller wagers at some point.

You simply won’t be able to bet as much money as you want if you stick to only one betting site. One way to avoid or at least delay that would be to join multiple bookmakers.

That will allow you to spread your bets between the different sites and not raise unwanted attention. Even if that happens and you are limited in one place, you can continue betting in others.


Using multiple betting sites means getting better value for your money, as simple as that. Managing them doesn’t require a lot of time and you will get used to it rather quickly. Most people have trouble with the different accounts and passwords, but there’s a solution for that one too.

There are plenty of reliable and free password manager programs out there. One solution would be to use Google Chrome and take advantage of the built-in feature that will do the hard work on your behalf.

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