People Share Ways to Deal With Common Problems of Luggage Accessories

Suitcases can be expensive, thus why rush to buy a new one only because yours has minor problems with the luggage accessories? Just follow these simple steps to fix three of the most common issues.

  1. A lump in the suitcase

Warm it to retain its shape. Hard plastic cases can be dented during imprudent handling, but they can often be repaired quickly. Open the case and heat the bump from the inside with a hairdryer for about ten minutes, do remember to move the hairdryer constantly to avoid “hot spots”.

If the bump does not recover by itself, push a block of wood covered with a cloth against it, and gently tap with a hammer.

  1. The telescopic pull handle on the suitcase is blocked

Realign the release rods. Most suitcases or wheeled bags have a telescopic pull handle which is attached to the case by two telescopic metal tubes. The mechanism is subject to breakage, leaving you with a handle that does not extend or retract. Fortunately, it is usually quite simple to make a fix.

Using a small screwdriver, you can remove the screws securing the handle to the telescopic tubes. Be careful not to lose the screws. Examine the exposed ends of the telescopic tubes. They are hollow and contain a thin metal rod. Its task is to transfer the movement of the release button on the handle to the locking mechanism. Take the end of a rod and take it out about eight inches (20 centimeters) from the tube. Then take the handle and press the unlock button.

Looking in the open end of the handle, you should see a small hole that matches the end of the release rod. Push the rod firmly into this hole. While holding this rod in place, repeat the process for the stem in the other tube. Holding the two rods in place in the handle section, lower the assembly down onto the telescopic tubes. Lock it in position with the screws on the handle that you removed previously.

Try the mechanism again. It should work now!

  1. The wheels of the suitcase are worn

Replace them with the wheels of a roller skate. Luggage replacement wheels may replace worn or damaged luggage wheels; they are much more durable. You can buy these wheels of different sizes in stores or online. Sunsen manufactures multiple suitcase wheels of different functions as well as sizes. Remember to match the size of the new wheels to your existing luggage wheels.

If the wheels are partially hidden, check to see if a fabric panel is inside the case and can be lifted. Lift the plastic wheel covers with a flathead screwdriver. If the wheels are held by rivets, a professional will have to repair. If the wheels are screwed in place, unscrew them with a screwdriver or Allen key. Some wheels are fixed with bolts, you can just use a wrench to remove them.

Attach the new wheels by reversing the method you used to remove the old wheels. Be careful not to over tighten the screws.

Traveling can bring a lot of difficulties to your luggage; difficulties will eventually damage them. However, before shopping for new suitcases, try these quick fixes. You may be surprised how easy it is to fix the most common problems.

One step backward, if you would like to have something old and unendurable changed, consider shifting those broken accessories with luggage replacement parts. As for a recommendation, Sunsen is adept at this field to produce reliable, superior-quality luggage accessories in bulk with reasonable price. You could find trolley handle and suitcase wheels easily at your need. Hope you can save a few dollars with the companion of Sunsen!

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