JIANGXIAOBAI’s Big Harvest at IWSC: Scoring 16 Medals

On July 30, the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) announced their new award winners for 2019. Maybe the biggest winner of the evening, Jiangxiaobai with their light-aroma sorghum spirits. Products from brand-own distillery Jiangji scored 16 medals in total. That’s three gold, eleven silver and two bronze medals.

The IWSC, established in 1969, is one of the most famous wine and spirits competitions in the world, also known as the Oscars of the liquor industry. The organizers’ declared ambition is to reward excellence, trying to provide an international benchmark for quality. In a highly competitive market like the drinks business, this striving for setting a gold standard is beneficial for the manufacturers. Every year, competitors from more than 80 countries participate to win the prestigious award.

Jiangxiaobai has participated in the IWSC for the last three consecutive years. The third year in, this marks the first scored gold for the baijiu producer from Chongqing, China. And, not only did they score one, but three gold awards. Lvxi Jiangjin Shaojiu Craft, Lvxi Jiangjin Shaojiu Old Pot and Lvxi Jiangjin Shaojiu Standard Version are the three products going home with a golden gleam.

Following brand motto “Renaissance of the Old Flavor”, JIANGXIAOBAI has always persisted to innovate and establish new spirits that fit the market. This direction has finally been rewarded by the international panel of judges, and struck gold–no pun intended.

As stated on the IWSC website, Jiangji Distillery is the most successful producer of liquor in the Chinese mainland this year. The distillery lies at the heart of brand operations, and is situated in an ancient town, right beside the mighty Yangtze. All the elements needed for liquor making are provided by the river.

In its development, JIANGXIAOBAI has constantly built up its operation, eventually becoming a comprehensive liquor enterprise for gaoliang (Chinese for sorghum) spirits. The company does its own gaoliang breeding and eco farming, conducts technology research and development and covers all areas of production from distillation to packaging to modern logistics. The highly successful brand management, marketing and e-commerce teams complete the comprehensive industrial chain.

Currently, there is three Jiangxiaobai product lines available in the international market, the Light-Flavor Collection, the 40% Collection and the Hand-Craft Collection.

The products differ in aroma, package design, and alcohol content. Each product serves a specific consumption scenario and consumer group. Research for the current product line-up has been extensive, since the brand recognizes, that overseas consumer groups have much different needs. It’s due to big data analysis and the mastery of Jiangxiaobai’s expert distillers, that excellent results at IWSC could be achieved.

Scoring 16 medals at the IWSC is a great appraisal for the young spirits brand; but the journey goes on. This is significant, but just one step on the long path to the internationalization of China’s most revered drink. First recognition of their efforts will keep Jiangxiaobai doing what they are best at, spreading passion for their favorite liquor.

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