Hollywood to make a Film based on the life of International Social Rights Campaigner Sandy Idigbe

From her charismatic place in the heart of Hollywood, leading campaigner and social issues influencer Sandy Idigbe is currently in talks to tap into shooting her first feature from a script she also penned. Already an established name around Europe and the US,  Sandy has her eyes set on a deep dive into Hollywood.

It has been announced that the film in in development at New Line Cinema, with S. Leigh Savidge and Alan Wenkus writing, and Tomica Woods-Wright, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre set to produce the film.   F. Gary GrayCraig Brewer, and Peter Berg are reportedly in talks to direct the film.

Although the details of the project have yet to be revealed, there are talks in the industry that the project revolves around similar themes discussed in her work around social issues such as Knife crime, youth unemployment and political issues. Leading social issues campaigner and influencer Sandy Idigbe won the international 2019 Baton awards and has been profiled and interviewed by major publications such as the BBC and ITV.

From the few details revealed about the project, it is only known that she will also helm as writer and editor, but has yet to cast the major roles. It has been suggested that she may also play a secondary role in the film, to help establish the films success in Hollywood. One thing that can be for certain is that the project is sure to turn heads, in and out of Hollywood.

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