CBD is Getting Record Breaking Popularity in US and UK

The cannabis extract CBD is gaining a lot of popularity in US and UK. CBD products are proving to be the best alternative to many traditional health products and therapies. Both the countries are experiencing a great increase in online interest of people to purchase the CBD products.

According to Google search data, a large number of people from both the countries are looking for more information on the legal and non psychoactive substances.

CBD products have been getting popularity for a couple of years now. Five years ago, there were only a few people who were Googling to find CBD products. British data from Google Trends is showing that CBD products or marijuana in the UK has overtaken “meditation” at the beginning of 2018, apple “cider vinegar” in 2017 and acupuncture in the same year. British people are also looking for CBD products for exercise and fitness. The searches of CBD products are also containing queries about weed and drugs in the UK.

Dr. John W. Ayers is the vice chief of innovation at the University of California San Diego. He said that CBD products have become insanely popular now. But three years ago there were only a few people who searched for CBD online. Now the online searches for CBD products are crossing 6.4 million each month.

CBD is considered as the best alternative to many drugs for acne, anxiety, opioid addiction, pain, and menstrual problems. Now it can be bought as droplets, massage oils, gummies, and ice cream too.

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