SVAKOM Received Excellent Response for its Innovative Products in the Russian Fair, Ero Expo

SVAKOM, the sexual pleasure device manufacturer, attended the Russian fair Ero Expo in Moscow to introduce its new product to the attendees. The company received an excellent response from the public for its innovative products at the Russian fair that took place from 1 November to 3 November 2019. The three-day event saw an influx of manufacturers, distributors, small wholesale companies and over 400 retail owners from all across Russia.

SVAKOM attended one of the biggest fairs in Russia with the distributor Asktol. The sexual pleasure products manufacturing company introduced an innovative product Alex, which is a male masturbator innovatively designed for male pleasure. SVAKOM representative said that the company received a warm welcome from everyone during the event and this really motivated the entire SVAKOM team. While interacting with distributors, manufacturers from different corners of the world, SVAKOM got new ideas to introduce a high level of innovation in its products.

Alex product from SVAKOM grabbed the eyeballs of the attendees during the event. It is a powerful thrusting masturbator with its realistic touch and immersive experience which is specially designed for male pleasure. The other vibrator products namely Siren and Nymph also gained a lot of attention from the visitors who appreciated the use of innovation in products.

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