Google Expands Visibility of Shopping Campaigns on YouTube for the Holiday Shopping Season

Shopping campaigns on YouTube will be more visible now thanks to Google’s visibility expansion. The Showcase Shopping ads will also be going more places and opening up to more categories. The company announced on Tuesday that sitelinks are coming to TrueView for action ads.

With the new Shopping ad inventory on YouTube, shopping ads can now show on the YouTube home feed and YouTube search results. The mobile users will be able to scroll through a carousel of “Suggested Products” that will appear between videos on the home page or at the top of the search results. These Shopping campaigns are eligible for the new inventory if the user has opted into YouTube on Display Network.

Google had also announced earlier this year that Showcase Shopping ads would also extend to Discover. Plus these ads are now eligible to show in Google Images as well, says KrisHolten. In addition, the multi-image Showcase Shopping ads designed to run on broad product category terms are expanding to categories like beauty and electronics.

Sitelinks for TrueView for action ads will be available for these ads in the near future. This feature will enable users to access additional landing pages from user’s video ads. Google is currently testing sitelinks with 30 advertisers. They have seen a 23% increase in conversions after adding them.

Google has been stating since long that users display shopping intent on YouTube just as they do on Google Search. So they first introduced TrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube in 2015. The company has researched that since 2 years during the holiday season, the watch time for “holiday shopping” videos on YouTube has increased by more than 4X.

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