Women can now Change their Dating Lifestyle

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The 21st century is the best time to date a woman. They are smart, independent and educated. Women mostly follow a standard dating process, and at the end of it the results are mostly the same. But counselor Rachel Lamson gave some dating advice to women. And it seems they aren’t vague but effective.

An independent and smart woman needs to speak her mind. Not just in the workplace but also in her relationship. If anything is bugging you  let your partner know right then. Most women tend to stay quiet and fester up the issues. This makes them ticking time bombs. And later, their outbursts can ruin relationships.

“Let go”, seems like a much used phrase by millennials. But while giving the relationship advice for women, Rachel says that women find it difficult to let go. They hold grudges and can become mean about it. She advises women to focus on the problem, solve it and move on, rather than holding grudges.

Self love is as important as a partner’s love. Do not wait around for your partner  so that he can make you feel good about yourself. Exercise well, eat healthy and stay happy. A satisfied and peaceful feeling will give you confidence. And a confident woman hardly depends on a man for validation.

Do not smother your boyfriend but be supportive. If your boyfriend’s passion isn’t your passion it is alright. But you need to respect it and let him have his share of fun. Do not make your partner feel guilty for indulging in a hobby of his.

Forget about fixing your boyfriend. Women mostly go on damage control mode when they meet a guy with issues. Changing someone should not be on your dating agenda. Let your boyfriend be. You can only inspire them but do not force anything else on them.

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