A Guardian Ad Litem is Extremely Helpful for Child in a High Conflict Custody Case

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Oklahoma Court has brought a Guardian Ad Litem for the welfare of children whose parents are involved in a high conflict custody case. A professional work is carried out for the child or children and it uncovers in the court what is the best for the child.

Oklahoma Court has introduced the Guardian Ad Litem to solely protect the child and provide the best facilities. Some of the parents that are separating from each other are still relating the Guardian Ad Litem with an attorney for the child.

The Guardian Ad Litem is to support the children and investigate the global issues of the family, circumstances, and needs in order to come at a point where custody could be ordered. The Guardian Ad Litem for child custody can be requested by either parent and it depends upon the court to order it. The child’s role in the court can be played by child advocate attorneys, social workers, divorce attorneys Tulsa and mental health professionals.

In Oklahoma, the Guardian Ad Litem is always appointed in cases where there is alleged abuse, neglect and a clear showing that a child can not speak for themselves. The child custody cases are more complicated if the child is less than five years old because at this little age the child can not speak up and communicate on important issues to the court.

In such cases, the court assigns an advocate for the child to investigate the family situation to seek the best interest for the child.

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