Legionnaires’ disease in North Carolina took the Life of a Third Person

An infectious disease exposure in the form of Legionnaires disease is not stopping in North Carolina. A third fatal case of Legionnaires disease has been confirmed by the state health officials. Legionnaires disease outbroke in North Carolina after the NC Mountain State Fair in Fletcher. In recent weeks, health officials have confirmed 140 cases of this disease among people who attended the event. Legionnaires’ disease is a Legionella bacteria that causes airborne lung infection, Pontiac fever and milder form of the disease.

All the 140 cases of Legionnaires disease are from several parts of North Carolina and from a few other states. According to health officials, ninety-four people have been hospitalized. The outbreak of the disease is linked to a tubs display during one of the events and it took place in the last five days of the fair.

According to North Carolina’s health department, there were no other primary sources of aerosolized water that means small droplets of water or mist that can cause legionnaires inhalation. Till now no other ongoing potential sources of exposure has been identified.

Legionnaires disease is a lung infection, that is caused when people breathe in the presence of Legionella bacteria. It mostly occurs in crowded places such as offices, buildings, and businesses. To deal with it, many people are willing to know what is the cost of a Legionella risk assessment. The disease is serious and can be treated with antibiotics and risk assessment.

According to the reports, about one in ten people, who fall sick from Legionnaires disease, die.

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