Catching a Miracle is the Real Story Behind Dr. Shelly White’s Miraculous Cancer Recovery

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World-famous novel Catching A Miracle is finding a large number of buyers on Amazon, even when it was launched by the author many years ago. Catching A Miracle is an uplifting and inspirational novel that tells the life journey and fight against cancer of a woman named Dr. Shelly White. This novel has been read by millions of people around the world and it is still witnessing a large number of purchases on Amazon.

According to Catching a Miracle novel,  Dr. Shelly White was admitted to a hospital in her childhood for cancer treatment. She underwent her battle with cancer with the help of a doctor. Later the hospital witnessed the first official miracle when Shelly’s cancer disappeared overnight and left everybody surprised.

She left the hospital as a fully cured and healthy little girl. After thirty-year. Dr. Shelly White starts working with Dr. Wall at the same hospital with a mission to save as many children as possible from cancer.

She started the Kristen Foundation to help cancer patients. Dr. White allies herself with advertisement executive Nicholas Harris to bring private fundraising to find a cancer cure. But their effort was constantly blocked by political obstacles.

Both try to take the help of a missing scientist to find a cure but the scientist was targeted by the NSA and CIA. Later they both somehow met with the President of the US where Dr. White learned whether the world wants to cure cancer or kill the person who has the answer.

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