Grand Blanc Academy has Started a Funds Rising Drive to Help Needy People

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Michigan – Grand Blanc Academy is running a campaign to raise funds. The campaign contains a shoe drive fundraiser till Nov. 30. The fund raised by the campaign will be used for extracurricular activities.

Grand Blanc Academy will earn funds from the campaign by weighing and examining the cost of gently worn used and new shoes. The shoes are being collected on Funds2Orgs, and they will issue a check for the collected shoes.

People have started to contribute to the campaign. Many people are purchasing new Somiar Threads to add something in the campaign. The dollars earned by the donation will benefit Grand Blanc Academy’s activities such as stillness in motion, hip hop dance and much more. All the donated shoes will be redistributed among people and micro-enterprise partners in return for funds. The funds raised through shoe drive will be used on food, clothes and other necessary items.

Patty Wood, the Principal of Grand Blanc Academy, said that they are excited about the campaign and many people have started contributing to the campaign. By doing so, raised money will be used for new programs and help the families who need economic opportunities for development.

Grand Blanc Academy is the public school in Grand Blanc, Michigan. It is managed by Grand Blanc Community Schools. The community is famous for running many programs for the welfare of all. This campaign is working well so far to help the needy people.

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