Google Trends are Hinting that Cloud Native is Gaining Much Exposure

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Cloud-Native is the demand for modern technology and now it has become the most popular term in technology due to its exposure. According to Google Trends, in October 2019, the term Cloud Native is at the highest interest so far. Cloud-Native is providing root support for all services and infrastructure of cloud computing.

A large number of developers and organizations are buying the promising Cloud Native to develop their ecosystem. Currently, there are several tools available that are making the Cloud Native a landscape in every business.

According to the DevOps blog, due to its interactive services, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has divided this tool into categories such as cloud-native application definition and image building. These tools are providing golden images and lucrative application definition to smoothen the process of making and scaling cloud-native apps.

Cloud-native application definition and image building are meeting all modern demands such as lightweight, scalability and flexibility.

There are a lot of software that could fit all cloud-native application definition and image building tools. To understand the demands and ecosystem of a business, it is necessary to choose the right tool for the job.

There are many popular projects that are working to provide the best cloud-native services to the users. Helm is a popular project in the ecosystem of cloud-native. It is developed by a community of developers such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung SDS and it is maintained by the CNCF itself.

Helm allows users to streamline the process of defining, installing and upgrading complex native applications.

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