eCommerce Marketing Trends for 2020

The ever-changing and developing world promises more digitalization, which requires extra attention to your eCommerce business.

Customers are ready to pay if they trust, believe and are content. Things are a little different when you lead a “real” store, as people can see, touch, speak and decide. However, eCommerce is where the future lies. Here you need to help them to see, get informed and make a decision due to different marketing services, solutions or maybe with the help of an SEO audit.

The landscape of the online world is sometimes very tricky. You need to stay one step ahead and predict the future of the industry for better planning your business. As it is time to forecast and increase your sales, let us see some common trends for 2020 that digital marketing agencies and marketers will integrate into their strategies.

  1. Increased Use of Mobile-first approach

Businesses that do not optimize their websites for mobile versions lose most of their users. Moreover, 57% of internet users will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Since more people tend to use their hands-on gadgets for shopping purposes, brands should put a focus on the mobile-first approach, for developing better user experience and keep up with modern trends.

  1. Payment Options

With the rapid use of digital payments, customers need to embrace more efficient and available methods for satisfying the needs of consumers. Although e-commerce businesses include different payment methods, advancement and the massive use of mobile here as well leave their impact, including mobile payment methods in business strategies. Mobile wallets are vital examples of it. Most people find it a secure transaction and a simple way to do their payments.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots will continue to enlarge its popularity among businesses. As an alternative to being always available and meet customer’s needs at any possible situation chatbots create an interactive experience for people. This is a great way of improving interaction adding some creativeness in the process of attracting customers with unique solutions.

  1. Voice Search

The massive use of voice search tools shows that it tends to gain larger popularity in the future. According to statistics, 50% of all searches will be voice-bases by 2020. It means that you need to optimize your website for its growth as well as choose more long-tail keywords for better targeting.

  1. Interactive Content

The “power” of content is not new in businesses. Content seems to always be interrelated to digital marketing. However, it passes a process of development. The integration of interactive content is a more powerful way to engage your audience. It works, as people get a more personalized experience and involvement. Besides, it helps to:

  • Get more data
  • Have a higher conversion rate
  • Increase brand awareness
  1. Integration of Messaging Apps

The growing number of different messaging app users opens new opportunities for targeting potential buyers and increasing traffic. As social media has become a great channel for business, their apps are used for building business-consumer interaction and trust. Through it, you can conduct surveys, answer queries, provide excellent customer support which will help you to build your brand loyalty.

  1. AR and VR technologies

Virtual technologies are great for making lines between online and physical stores. Augmented reality helps the customers to have a real view with the help of smartphone cameras, while Virtual reality allows virtually browse the store regardless of its place. It gives businesses innovativeness.

Regardless of the business or product type, payment or device option, eCommerce continues to broaden its sales. Working in marketing becomes more challenging. Marketers and agencies need to have an analytical mind and integrate up-to-date marketing services, tactics and best practices for better targeting, higher ranking and succeeding in business.

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