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The Excellence Dental center in Rosarito is one of the few dental practices in the world where non-metallic zirconia ceramic dental implants are used to carry out full mouth reconstruction. This one-of-a-kind dental center is run by a top implantologist – Dr. Amy Khajavi – a highly qualified and experienced implant and full mouth reconstruction specialist. Her team also includes three highly trained implantologists: Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon, and Periodontist, and two of these specialists have received advanced training in the United States.

The Excellence Dental center in Rosarito provides holistic dental care that involves the use of the latest dental equipment and non-metal biocompatible materials. The dental practice also uses cutting-edge dentistry techniques while performing complex dental procedures like using a 3D technology-fabricated surgical guide to surgically place zirconia ceramic dental implants in an IV Sedated patient who’s monitored by a general anesthesiologist.

The clinic’s success can also be attributed to the use of PRGF® or Protein Rich Growth Factor to enhance soft-tissue healing at the surgical site. PRGF® is extracted from the patient’s blood. Simultaneously, the clinic uses a combination of PRGF® Stem Cell and synthetic Swiss-made Bio-Oss to make the bone grafts used in the surgeries.

Excellence Dental in Rosarito only offers specialized dentistry dental services such as implant dentistry and complete dental reconstruction. General dentistry services like fillings, cleanings, root canals, veneers, and orthodontics are not offered at our clinic.

Reasons For Choosing Excellence Dental – Dr. Amy Khajavi

Dr. Amy Khajavi is an award-winning dental specialist with more than 20 years of implant dentistry and full mouth dental restoration experience under her belt. Her specialized training involves the use of biological dentistry and ozone therapy, which she now uses while performing complex dental procedures.

Dr. Khajavi is highly qualified in her field. She pursued her M.S. in Micro Biology from the prestigious Oregon Health Sciences University alongside receiving her doctorate from the same University. She continued her post-doctoral education while training under two world-renowned prosthodontists Dr. Bob Jankelson and Dr. Ueno Hiroshi. She then went to pursue a Mastership in craniomandibular orthopedics of the jaw at the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics. Dr. Khajavi continued her implantology education for two more years. She was then awarded a prestigious Fellowship by the American Academy of Oral Implantology and International Congress of Oral Implantology.

In 2002, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry awarded Dr. Khajavi with the “Excellence in Full Mouth Rehabilitation” award following it up and naming her “A Highly Dedicated and Master Clinician” in 2003.

The services offered at Excellence Dental by Dr. Khajavi include the following:

Full Mouth Reconstruction Using Ceramic Zirconia Implants

Dentists recommend not delaying treatment for fractured, broken, or diseased gums and teeth as they can cause immense jaw pain alongside also affecting the appearance of your radiant smile. Anyone experiencing discomfort or pain in their jaw or someone who finds that their teeth, gums, and jaws are not functioning normally may be a suitable candidate for a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Dr. Khajavi will first evaluate your dentition. If your dentition requires it, she may recommend full mouth reconstruction as your treatment plan. She’ll use highly dependable ceramic zirconia implants to dramatically improve your oral health. These implants will return your gums, teeth, and jaw to their normal functionality.

As her patient, you have the option to choose between metal and non-metal implants. Titanium metal implants are highly popular with patients. However, the micro spaces left by their two-piece design can lead to the development of thriving anaerobic bacteria colonies, which would then secrete inflammation-causing toxins near the implant site. When left unchecked, these toxins end up triggering bone loss and implant failure.

Since the ®CeraRoot ceramic zirconia non-metal implant has a one-piece design, it won’t leave any micro spaces for bacterial colonies to develop. They are perfect for front teeth replacement due to their natural tooth root color. Additionally, ceramic zirconia dental implants act like a natural tooth as they allow light to pass. These zirconia dental implants are sturdier and longer-lasting compared to traditional metal implants, and they are perfect for patients who are allergic to metals.

 The All-On-4® Dental Implants

The All-on-4® dental implant procedure is a simple, hassle-free procedure used to replace multiple infected or missing teeth simultaneously. The highly skilled Dr. Khajavi performs this procedure with precision such that you won’t have to visit the clinic frequently for follow-up treatments.

Ceramic Zirconia Implants

Dr. Amy Khajavi specializes in placing the metal-free CeraRoot® ceramic zirconia implants. These one-piece design implants don’t have any of the associated disadvantages of the traditional two-piece, metal-based titanium implants.

CeraRoot® ceramic zirconia dental implants provide unparalleled benefits of optimal function, superior health, and natural appearance. The implants bond well with jaw bones and gums on account of their high biocompatibility. CeraRoot® zirconia implants look like natural teeth, and they come in one-piece, thereby resolving the micro-gaps and trapped-food problem completely.

Zirconia dental implants are perfect for frontal teeth replacement as their color matches perfectly with the natural color of teeth. The implants also reduce the chances of plaque-based infections apart from not causing issues related to metal-based implants such as metal sensitivity, corrosion, physical fatigue, and inflammation.

CeraRoot® ceramic zirconium implants are approved by the FDA and European Governing Boards.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is required to relax a patient during a complex dental surgery procedure such as wholly impacted bone teeth or wisdom teeth removal. These generally painful procedures become painless for the patient. Dr. Khajavi practices sedation dentistry at the clinic as each patient’s physical and psychological comfort level is different. The type of dental procedure and the level of anxiety experienced by the patient determine which type of anesthesia is recommended. For instance, complicated oral surgery requires general anesthesia whereas sometimes, intravenous sedation does the job without causing complete loss of consciousness.

Gum Contouring

If you have uneven gums, gum contouring can easily bring back your confident smile. Gums that are either higher or lower than the norm cause the teeth to appear smaller or larger than they actually are. Also, receding gums cause tooth root exposure and may ultimately cause tooth loss. Gum contouring done by Dr. Khajavi will be perfect to restore your gum health and aesthetics.

Plasma Rich Growth Factor For Faster Healing

PRGF®, one of the foremost dental healing techniques, is offered at Dr. Amy Khajavi’s Excellence Dental Center. This bio-compatible and FDA-approved technique significantly boosts the body’s bone and soft tissue regeneration ability. In fact, placing PRGF® at the surgical site observably makes the bone regrow faster, making it beneficial for dental implantation recovery procedures.

Piezotome For Sinus Lift 

According to many clinical studies, Piezotome is helpful during the sinus lift procedure.  Piezotome machines enable better cell repair and healing, clean cuts, and relaxed tissues. The complexity of difficult dental procedures such as sinus lifting, dental implants, and TMJ can be greatly simplified using Piezoelectric ultrasonic machines.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone significantly helps with the disinfection and healing of surgical sites. Excellence Dental uses ozone therapy when Dr. Amy Khajavi performs dental implants, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, and TMJ procedures. Ozone can actually treat early tooth caries without cavitation procedures. It can stop and reverse dental lesions without performing any invasive surgical procedures – making ozone therapy a revolutionary dental technique.

Contact the Excellence Dental center in Rosarito, Mexico, if you have missing, decaying, infected teeth or teeth, jaw, and gum pain. Call our clinic at (858) 774-2010 and schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Amy Khajavi. She will analyze your dental symptoms and explain the benefits of zirconia ceramic dental implants while replacing multiple missing or decayed teeth using cutting-edge oral surgery know-how to restore your oral health and confidence.

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