ExhibitDay Launches Free Trade Show Management Software

ExhibitDay, Inc has launched a free trade show management tool for Event Managers and Trade Show Planners. The Beta version of the tool had been available since January 2019. ExhibitDay has tested the tool on nearly 1,000 Beta users across several groups of event teams consisting of Trade Show Coordinators, Event Managers and Exhibitors.

After launch, ExhibitDay has made the tool available free to use on Currently, a number of Event Planners and Organizations are enjoying the full-featured and online Trade Show Management tool to showcase their products and services. ExhibitDay is offering a premium tire of the service for managing of an unlimited number of events and it is primarily developed for medium-sized trade show teams who attend 10 to 100 trade shows per year. The company is now focused on adding new features in the tool in the upcoming months. ExhibitDay also wants to increase its integration with third-party tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM solutions.

ExhibitDay is founded by an experienced team of exhibitors and technology enthusiasts who have been working on the new event management tool since 2018. 

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