Dutch Government – Holland Casino Going To Undergo Privatization

Holland Casino, one of the popular state-operated casino chains, is going to have a major transformation. Recently, Dutch government has made a decision of withdrawing the bill. It will sell the property to one of the highest bidders. The government has come to this conclusion after a continuous discussion on this topic for 8 years. 

Why too much delay in passing the bill?

The House had approved the proposal of privatization almost 2 years ago. However, Sander Dekker, Justice Minister has caused a delay to deal with Casino Gaming Modernization Bill. It seems that the Minister is concerned on the evolving landscape of gambling world in Netherlands.

The parliament in Netherlands legalized the digital gaming few months ago. Then, it has finally passed the reform bill for modernizing the older gaming rules. It has an aim of following the laws and regulations of European open market.

We have found that almost 300 gaming operators in the digital world think of owning a license. They have a target of attracting millions of adults, presently playing the gambling illegally. The major reason behind this illegal activity is the absence of any other option. Holland Casino researched on the profitability of the licensed market. It has estimated that this market could bring €1 billion every year.

Interestingly, Netherlands has taken time to make the proposal of reforms. In legislature, we have heard of something about this gaming bill. However, the upper chambers have taken much time for understanding the value of reforms.

Sale of properties of Holland Casino

In total, Holland Casino has 14 properties, and the recent privatization scheme will result in the collection sale of 10 of them. They will retain the brand name of Holland Casino. Rest of them will have go through a separate selling process. According to Dutch Casino news, the bidding process is highly competitive, and there will be new licenses for 2 new Dutch casinos.

Senate has focused more on the monopoly to reducing the gambling. It thinks that the free market can cause the gambling addiction problems. Moreover, Dutch unions have raised the voice of opposition against the privatization scheme. They believe that it would affect the casino staff’s performance.

The question of privatization turned up for the first time due to the loss, incurred by Holland Casino. Thus, it had affected the financial status of the government in 2008. Now, the Senate is thinking of the need of introducing casinos to the free market for higher profit.

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