Artificial Intelligence is Being Used to Provide Cyberbullying and Mental Health Support

A new AI support assistant provided by anti-cyberbullying nonprofit organization The Cybersmile Foundation is using new AI technology to provide scalable help and support to people affected by various issues which include cyberbullying, anxiety, reputation attacks and mental health related problems.

In 2018, Coty Inc’s cosmetics brand Rimmel London announced 3-years of support for the development and launch of ‘Cybersmile Assistant’ in partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation after undertaking research showing that 115 million images are deleted every year due to criticism users receive on social media, affecting the wellbeing and self-confidence of people of all ages.

Rimmel London supported Cybersmile in their plan to develop a support tool that could address some of the issues their community were facing including beauty cyberbullying, body image and self-expression related problems.

Following an awareness campaign titled #IWillNotBeDeleted, the first public beta of Cybersmile Assistant was launched, providing users with access to geo-targeted resources and expert advice for a wide range of issues.

Cybersmile Assistant is a great example of how technology can be used to help individuals that are looking to resolve a specific problem. With machine learning capabilities and intuitive responses, Cybersmile and Rimmel London’s new AI tool sets a precedent for targeted, and globally scaled help.

Cybersmile and Rimmel aren’t alone in utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to solve social problems. IBM’s new AI-powered mental fitness app that helps military veterans boost their overall wellbeing and the $1.5 million Google funded Trevor Project suicide prevention initiative both rely on AI to provide effective help and support.

Using advanced machine learning technology and a large database of expert curated content, Cybersmile Assistant is the world’s first international cyberbullying and mental health support tool that will reshape the way the medical profession and the nonprofit sector as a whole address social problems. The AI assistant can benefit individuals that need timely support, without the need to wait for conventional help and each conversation is mapped to a geo-targeted database that brings the user tailored results wherever they are in the world. In addition to these benefits, the more the application is used, the better it becomes at understanding what people want, and how to deliver it more efficiently.

Is this the future of support?

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