NFL Launched $3 Million Helmet Challenge for Players’ Safety

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The NFL is offering $3 million in a helmet challenge competition for the safety of players under increasing scrutiny. The NFL has made mandatory to observe helmet safety due to growing concerns over the time about impacts of agitation. Rob Gronkowski, former NFL star, told CBS that he suffered from 20 impacts during his nine-year career. In the last season, NFL league witnessed 214 reported impacts and in 2017 the impacts were 281.

NFL has made total of $3 million available in the NFL Helmet challenge that includes $2 million in grant funding to support the development of a helmet prototype and a further $1 million prize for the winner. Jeff Miller is the NFL’s executive vice president for health and safety innovation. He said that helmet technology is advancing at an impressive rate and the NFL Helmet challenge will represent an unusual combination of financing, research, data, and engineering expertise. The aim is to create a more protective helmet. People can watch players in NFL league with helmet challenge on a better alternative to NFL Streams reddit.

The helmet challenge is making changes on and off the field in an effort to improve the protection of every player. There is a need for innovation that can be catalyzed to engage with creative and talented people. NFL is making collaboration with players association to ensure that players wear the best helmet.

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