Zero Sugar Ginger Beer is Now Certified Ketogenic

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Reed’s Zero Sugar Ginger Beer which is sugar free and has zero calories is now keto certified officially. This is the basic criteria to list under ketogenic food list. The products are required to be free of most types of sugar, sweeteners and carb heavy foods. Reed’s Zero Sugar Ginger Beer gets its sweet and spicy flavour from a combination of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit, all low-calorie, keto-approved sweeteners.

Other ingredients in the drink include sparkling filtered water, organic ginger root, and lemon and lime juices from concentrate. The full macro breakdown of the drink including the sugar content is 2gms Fat, 18gms of Carbs, zero amount of protein, sugar and calories. Most people count the net carbs so Reed’s have noted that the 18 grams of total carbs is coming from the erythritol as it does not get digested by the body and thus does not show any effect on the body’s blood sugar. Also, erythritol side effects are almost negligible which makes it a great choice for artificial sweeteners. Hence the company proved Reed’s Zero Sugar Ginger Beer drink has zero grams of net carbs.

It is like other ginger beers i.e. non-alcoholic. The beer is made of ginger, an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This drink comes with 6k milligrams of ginger. The cocktails made using Ginger beer like Moscow mules, ginger beer margaritas are fun but less healthy and have calories plus alcoholic content. If anyone’s wants to make these cocktails or want to consume the drink alone without alcoholic content Reed’s Zero Sugar Ginger Beer is available across the country in most of the grocery stores.

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