Many People are Hiring Local Auto Body Shops to Repair Cars in this Hail Storm

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El Paso – Following the Tuesday night hail storm, auto body shops in El Paso have seen an increase in business. Loads of people are coming to fix their cars and the increase has been phenomenal, say owners of multiple local auto repair shops. They haven’t seen so many people coming for fixing cars since a storm in 2016.

As many of the vehicle owners do not have insurance, this matter isn’t cheap for the car owners. They have to shell out anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to even $6,000 as they aren’t under coverage. One of the Auto Body shop owner said that if the car is in the middle of storm, the fall will be heavier and will definitely do more damage and be more widespread over all the vehicle. In the outskirts it will be comparatively lighter hail. The work is lengthy requiring minimum 3 days to 5-7 days.

Thus the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has suggested to do complete research before handing over the car for repair. If the car is insured the first thing is to call the insurance guy and understand the process. Always avoid taking the first quote and never pay in advance to the repair guys. Better still have a written contract and pay with a credit card. BBB says that a lot of times these storms becomes a way for people to earn fast money with some coming from out of town and setting up a shop for small duration. Best way is to hire a known local contractor. As it’s a local business, they will take care of your car better and also the car can be taken back anytime if it isn’t fixed right.

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