A Guide to Getting Your Resume Perfect; Proven by Surveys

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When you are planning out your resume you will need to think about the things that your potential employer will really value in their organization. Here are some things they will care about.

Increase Revenues

Nothing succeeds like success and your employer will be happy to hear about the profits you can raise, customers you can attract and revenues you will improve. Be sure to check out my video on this so I don’t have to harp on this very important aspect.

Improve market and brand awareness

Are you in marketing? Do they call you the “Brand-Master” for your incomparable capacity for branding and tracking results? Did you just figure out a way to increase email engagement online? Are you a wizard with Google Analytics? Exceptional Resume Writers say that these things are very important in today’s organizations.

Customer attraction and leads

You don’t have to be closing deals right and left to be of great value to your company. If you are keeping the sales pipelines filled with high-value leads and tapping into new customer pools your gifts are gold. Talk about your experience at the industry fair or your ideas for new customer and partner relations.

Customer happiness

You may think it is a menial task, but those who man the phone ready to provide service to customers in a crisis are a vital contact point and crucial to maintaining a strong customer following. What kind of scores have you received from your customer feedback? Any exciting renewals or renewal rates you would like to share?

Employee happiness

It has been said that the employee’s work force is the most important company asset. Do you have experience? Do you have experience managing employees and can prove it with some outstanding employee satisfaction scores? What do your recruitment numbers look like? Do you have a history of professionals staying with you and rising in the ranks because your organization offers many opportunities?

Cost reduction

A penny saved is a penny earned, so start bragging about the loose ends you can tie up and cash leaks you can plug. This could be anything from optimizing a process or adding efficiency to any aspect of your company’s operations.

Process efficiency

Have you worked on optimizing anything lately? Anything is OK! Maybe you optimized a process that allows the other employees to access their work faster? Maybe you are an accountant who figured out a better way of doing things. None of this stuff should go unmentioned as your company will find this most impressive.

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