American Reality TV Star Kylie Jenner Earns $1 Million Per Instagram Post

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The American reality TV star and entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner, has become the youngest billionaire with her own company, Kylie Cosmetics. She has her own line of products and share them with her fans on a day to day basis through Instagram. And the level of visibility of her products made her fans like her posts. According to Hopper HQ, a social media scheduler, each of the Jenner’s Instagram posts is worth about $1 million.

Jenner’ posts include family photos, mirror selfies, and new product announcement or promotion for blush lip gloss and eyeshadow. The product promotions on Instagram made a huge profit for her cosmetics business. She has over 128 million followers on Instagram and plenty of others on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat which are paying well for her.

She has more followers than other popular female entrepreneurs. A majority of Jenner’s followers are female followers due to her cosmetic products. Rihanna, whose Fenty Beauty merged with Luxury Goods Powerhouse LVMH, has 68.3 million Instagram followers. Huda Kattan, who left her finance job to become makeup artist, has 33.6 million followers.

Conor Begley, the co-founder of brand-marketing company Tribe Dynamics, said, “The business would not exist at its current size without social media. She’s a unique case in that she has a massive, massive audience. What you find consistently across the successful celebrity brands is a deep passion and authenticity by the celebrity for the creation of the products themselves.”

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