Ryan Fearn, Canterbury based Personal Trainer use Researched Methods to Train his Clients

Ryan Fearn, a level 4 Personal trainer at Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury Kent is offering physical training to his clients with the help of effective scientific methods. He has been gaining popularity for using the latest research in the fields of Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning to train his clients. The personal trainer at Canterbury gym works with enthusiastic clients of different ages to offer training in Olympic weight lifting and strength training.

The trainer offers tailored fitness training programs along with nutritional support for all the participants. Along with the training sessions, he also offers online support to all his trainers to help them achieve their goals without losing their motivation. Ryan Fearn has come from a teaching background and he is fascinated with the psychology surrounding achievement and motivation. The personal trainer empowers the environment of his clients to motivate them using empowering strategies of sports psychology in his training session.

According to Ryan Fearn, the strategies of sports psychology are not just limited for coaches or teachers but these are equally important for someone working in a team environment. Using these strategies, the Canterbury-based personal trainer helps his staff to reach their maximum potential by realizing the benefits of exercise and training.

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